About Company

Currently we are working in several countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom.

Our data bases came from some partnerships and works with some clients, related with public events and services

We have a wide range of users, from age 18 to 45 +-, males and females, with main interest on campaigns about consumer and services

Since 31 Dez 2000 internet usage grows 806%. Nowadays exists more than 3,270,490,584 internet users in the World,
45% of World Population.

Internet World Stats http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm


These are the main services that we provide. However we have some specific cases with some different requests.

Email marketing

high quality traffic

target users by interests areas

results by CPC,CPL,CPM,CPA

SMS marketing

efficient comunication channel

message and sender personalized

Management of Social Networks

traffic plan acquisition

management of content and information


We work with multiple companies and clients from many countries, helping them with their branding and giving them results

Associated Brands

XYZ is providing services and is responsible to manage resources of 4Digital and Interdigital brands.

E-commerce Is No Longer Seasonal, It's A Year-Round Shopping Thing

Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/montymunford/2015/08/19/e-commerce-is-no-longer-seasonal-its-a-year-round-shopping-thing/

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